Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Gazan Who Runs For Love of Running

BBC has a story on a Gazan who likes running, I am impressed to know there are other Gazan who enjoy running...I will make sure I look him up when I head to Gaza in few years. I was amazed by the number of many young Gazans who took running as a sport....I saw many running at night for fun...I was impressed. of course you know I ran on the Gaza beach for a while and then found out about a stadium in my hometown that I used. Too bad they count using meters not miles to count distance.

Again and again, Nader el Masri ran for us. We were filming a number of different mini-features with him. Sometimes, he just had to run a couple of hundred metres, over and over. At other points during the day, he had to put in a 20-minute stretch.

Each time, his running style appeared nothing short of perfect: a picture of symmetry, his upper body still, his eyes cast downwards in imperturbable concentration.



Anonymous said...

Why do you think it is too bad that they count distance using meters not miles>>> its not a big deal>>>



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