Thursday, July 15, 2010

He Told Us How His Life Will End, Unfortunately He Was Right

Young Lebanese Star Academy contestant Rami Shmali, 23 years old was visiting his friend in Cairo Egypt and as he was driving his car at high speed he seems to have lost control of his vehicle, he was declared dead on spot, 61 year old Egyptian retiree was in the other car with his wife was also killed. Rami’s friend Mahmud Shukri (an Egyptian contestant in the same show) remains in the hospital in critical condition.

We do not really know much about Rami as he is a new comer to the celebrity life, we know he has a college degree in agricultural studies. He did leave the academy with a good reputation, a respectable fan base and a strong presence. His fans still talk about his manly voice and his charming looks.

This event took a bizarre twist when LBC, the network that produces Star Academy unearthed a video of Rami describing a dream about his end in a car accident, not knowing where to go. This is a very touching story To get to the moment where Rami tells about his dream, forward to minute 3:16 and allow yourself to be amazed. I also think the songs performed during this exchange are a proper farewell for this young star.

Here is a video about the star and his short lived career to remember him. I send my thoughts and prayers to his family and his friends at those troubling events. I also pray for Mahmud’s to get well soon. You can read more here

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