Saturday, July 03, 2010

Argentina and Ghana Day

Ghana should have won the game against Uruguay, the cheaters...they lost it, but they put a out a great game. Not only do I want Uruguay beat in their next game, I want them schooled.

This is IT,

if nothing else happens in the World Cup, this is the game to watch, arguably the best two teams in the world are meeting today Argentina and Germany.....who's it gonna be?

I say Argentina, they are the first team I root for....Germany has been great, but they got too many good things going for them...Argentina does not.

Heck, Germany got it, they just scored in minute 3 already....this is not a game, the Germans are engineers, no chances for mistakes.

Argentina will win it, I feel it, but it's minute 6 and I do not see my team yet. I do like the diversity in the German team, they got an African from Ghana, a Muslim from Turkey, a North African....and I am sure others.

Yes, Germany 4 Argentina zilch....that was a massacre! I feel Messi was betrayed, and player number 9 was horrible.

I fell bad for Maradona, he had a great start, but the Germans were from another planet.




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