Monday, July 26, 2010

The Government Bathroom Bails ME Out

I have always liked the government, but today I had one more reason to fall in love with the federal government here in DC. The BATHROOMS!

This morning on my Monday morning run, I felt the need to go and when it's 6 AM, your options are limited....

I was 45 minutes into my run and spotting few construction areas with Johns, but I cannot access those....I thought to myself near the Washington Monument I remember there was always a line in this tiny little place....I thought it was a bathroom, but I was never too sure.

as I was approaching the little building, I saw on the top of it those things they put on top pf such buildings yo vent the air out and I know I am finally going to be able to use the bathroom. I rush into the building and the side I got on was the ladies bathroom, the door was open so I could not see the sign...but some crazy old man rushes to me, gives me a face and says with his hand the other way.

I almost wanted to give the guy a hug....I go into the men's bathroom and there is a black man dressed in a pimp suit, he was washing his dressy shoes.

I take care of business and continue on my run, not before I say thanks federal government and tax payers for doing something that gives us all a little relief. The tea parts can cry me a river...




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