Saturday, July 10, 2010

Germany Vs. the Cheaters

I would usually cheer for the little guy, but Uruguay does not have my vote and I hope Germany beat them and beat them badly. My fall out with this South American team came in the wake of their game with Ghana.

The score is now 1, 1 and Uruguay seems to be in control of the game as most of the attacks comes from them, making it hard on the German defense and goalkeeper

Suarez just missed a good ball....but that's his karma for being a cheater and using his hand in the Ghana game.

C'mon Germany get back in the game and deliver another 4 goals in this country's net...those 3 million residence of Uruguay should not celebrate tonight...

Ouzil, you are one heck of a player it one more time. Germany just missed a free kick and about to get corner kick 1 minute before the end of half time.

Uruguay has a corner now. Muller has a great counter attack and looked like one of those sure things and just like that first half is over.

Urugy riws the game they scored a pretty goal...but Germany is not out....

Khadira gives a great pass to his teammate and that translated to a goal...bringing the score to a tie 2 to 2.

I love how the crowd boos Suarez every time he has the ball...he does deserve it for cheating to get Ghana out. BTW, a sibling of a player in the Ghana teams plays with Germany, he should beat help defeat this team.

Auzil just missed a good opportunity to bring the third goal, I see a third coming soon...Muller c'mon.

Minute 60, Perz gets a yellow card...

Khadera is my boy...what a great header....

3 goals foooooooooooooooooools Germany is 3rd......Uruguay almost out. Can we say 4? 4 going for 4? Yes we may can! Hold the game for five more minutes and the cheaters are out...courtesy of Kahdera, the best Tunisian import!

Cacau almost had the 4th Germany goal, good save by the Uruguay goalie.

Germany just missed another shot at minute 88 to bring their booty to 4. Suarez just missed an opportunity...too bad he could not use his hand to score that one.

Additional time is on now....1 minute....Uruguay gets a free kick. Good save the Germany goalkeeper looked like he stopped them, but luckily he didn't have to the goal post did it.

and it's DONE

Germany is 3rd one more time...and the cheater are sent home...I love this new and improved Germany




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