Monday, July 19, 2010

AT&T Goes When I Tell Them I Want Out

I took on two different companies in one week, and I am just getting started....

The first company I fought back against was AT&T. I have been using AT&T wireless service for longer than 8 years Fact July 4th 2002 is when I opened up my account with them. I now use their global connect program to call my family and Roa's, needless to say they have a great service and offer good prices. I did have a unique problem due to the unique situation of Palestine. There are two different area codes one can use to call Palestine, one is cheaper than the other of course. So when one area code works, you get charged the same lower rate, if they re-route you or if you dial the other area code, you get charged an arm and a leg. So I called AT&T to complain about this problem...they lady on the phone was courteous once she understood the problem (I pointed to her two different phone calls to the same number that were charged a different rate) She put me on hold for 5 minutes and after speaking to her supervisor, she was a bit mean and alluding that I am not telling the she said...."We are going from what you are saying", "In the future, we will not fix this problem" I did not like her tone, not one I told her let me stop you right there, "There won't be any future between us anymore becasue I ask you to put me through to your cancellation department...", she was in shock due to my Swift change of tone. I felt like I have poured a packet of cold water on her....she asked me to hold and she put me through to cancellation....(she took her time explaining the problem to them). As you would expect the cancellation lady was ready to give me a hug and "make it right'. My argument was this, I have been you customer for 8 years, in those years I have always had my own equipments....and I love your service. BUT your customer service lady is implying I am not telling the truth and I do not need that right now...I am not in Junior high school being called to the principle's office. The cancellation lady was apologetic, and said she will have a feedback from about this customer service person....I told her it's not her I think it was the supervisor who charged her to be feisty with me. To make a long conversation short, she fixed the problem, override what the other rep wrote in the system so if this happens again they will have to listen. And she added 200 extra minutes to my monthly plan and 2000 rollover minutes all for free. I think that was a good the light that I never spoke ill of AT&T, it's a great service all around, but I refuse to let one bad experience to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

And please remember to always be gracious!


Mary on July 19, 2010 at 10:32 AM said...

You ate them all with a sweet taste in your mouth, good for you.



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