Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Absent Middle Path

I often find myself in disagreement with sensationalist. It's easy to make out those sensationalists, they often promote their agenda with this phrase, "Our [fill in the blank] is under attack"

I have seen religious, ethnic groups, special interested, politicians and activists use this phrase to rally the troops. More often than not, I dismiss those ideas. I have heard Hamas leaders use that line, "Our government is under attack", conservatives say it, "Our morals are under attack", liberals, "Our values under attack" such buzz words appeal to people and somehow when people feel victimized (real or perceived) they get to act. That's why many politicians try to get votes this way, "If you do not vote for me...."

Also why is it that people on one side or another always get the air time? very few times when the people in the middle make the news....why is it always the one for something and against it get the coverage "look at the NY mosque situation" From watching the news, you can never see people who just do not really care about the whole ordeal. Maybe more of use should just stop caring so politicians can stop pandering and trying to stay relevant.




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