Friday, August 20, 2010

What Gets Muslims to Donate?

The flood in Pakistan made me think what gets Muslims to donate?

Since I have been working in this sector for few years now, I have seen and read about the work of Muslim charities, I came to those few conclusions about Muslims giving.

  1. In cases of ongoing wars in/on a Muslim country, Muslims always will open up their checkbooks and give generously.
  2. Religious obligation is number one reason why Muslims Zakat and other times when Muslims have to give Alms, they give and give all they can. Many also give for mosques and religious activities.
  3. Muslims are not moved by natural disasters and other extreme acts of nature, those kind of things do not get them to open their pockets as much. not sure why, but I can think it might be they assume other groups will pick the tab, States will donate to offset the affects of those unfortunate acts of nature. Few and very tiny and strange minority things that acts of nature are part of God's plan due to some wicked people. In a way there are a lot like Christian donors.




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