Friday, August 06, 2010

Wind River Goodness Jerky

You know what's it like to find your favorite Jerky? It's like wining the lottery.... That's how I felt when I discovered Wind river Buffalo Jerky in little shop in the City of Orem in Utah in shadows of the Wasatch Mountains where jerky is celebrated in this outdoor crazed state. walking down State Street I see this little whole in the wall store that only sells Jerky....before I walked in, I thought this place will only be selling different types of Jerky from here and there. But once Roa and I walked into the Store we were greeted by Dian, a nice lady who greeted us and just wanted to talk about her jerky. She had me all once I learned she is cooking her jerky in the back of her shop...the aroma all over the place meant I would have to buy a load of her jerky. She asked me to sample some of her buffalo jerky and I did. Hot Pepper (Really hot no wusses allowed) and Lemon Pepper and I left the store with three different packs....I let happy. Chewy, fresh and falvorfaul that's how I would describe Wind River Creations.... Dian uses not preservatives and cooks up small batches to keep it fresh. She is very energized and excited when she talks about her recipes. Roa who can care less for jerky loves the lady and her spirit. Dian told us she ships orders all over the place, and has few stores that sell her jerky....but it's still a one man show and that's when you know the product is great. I only hopes Roa have packed some Wind River jerky in our carry one as I felt the next for some fine stakes on the go...Dian will be hearing from me again and getting more of my business.




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