Friday, August 13, 2010

Relative of the Month

Abood is my nephew, he is one of my favorite nephews, born few weeks after the Israel Gaza offensive and he has developed an extra sensitive lungs so anything gets him sick and he spends plenty of time in the local hospital. I think as he gets older his condition improve. I got to know him and spend plenty of time with him when I was in Gaza as I think he is the first grandchild that looks like my father....Yes he is a mini version of my dad.

Even thought his dad is not from our family or extend one, my sister genes managed to get a copy of our father. So you can imagine how much fun we have with this guy.

I spent a long time with this kid as he eventually started thinking I am his was both funny and wonderful as I was about the only uncle who can make him laugh when I want too, and he smiles and races to me when he sees me enter their home. So here is Abood eating an ice creem on a hot Summer day.

I want to thank his mom for buying a new camera phone so she can take better pictures of him and share them with me.


Mary on August 13, 2010 at 9:11 AM said...

He is so cute, from his eyes up he looks like u, from his nose down he looks your dad. I hope he will be in good health when he grows.



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