Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gracious Up in the Air

Everyone heard of the flight attendant who had it with his work and quit by evacuating the plane using the chute. Red his story here

I was thinking during my flight last week about this nice flight attendant that walked down the plane aisle to collect trash from mostly gloomy people disposed trash in the plastic bag she caries, she would smile and say "I appreciate it" and that got me to wonder....

she does not really appreciate it, does she? No one can be this nice when people are giving them all sort of junk.....I mean if she appreciates people giving her trash...what would she say when people give her flowers, candy or chocolate? Would she say I appreciate it too? That would be unfair

i would like to be there to see that moment and record the reaction of this gracious crew member that more often than not goes underpaid and under appreciated. It's interesting to see how in a moment people can snap, and no longer can they maintain their facade.


Mary on August 11, 2010 at 1:40 PM said...

For ten years I was a flight attendant doing the same job, was doing the flight attendant on your flight and the appreciation she was saying, it means, I thank you personally for not throwing what ever trash you have on the plane floor or, leaving it on the seat pocket. I appreciate for putting it in the trash bag but if you give her a box of chocolate she will say anther kind of appreciation, a hug with a thank you or may be a kiss, because she loves chocolate like me.



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