Sunday, August 22, 2010

FYI: This September 11th Muslims Will Celebrate, Don’t Panic

Update: Eid Most likely will be on the 10th of September.

Ramadan begins in most Muslims countries today August 11 2010….a month from then is September 11th, the 9th anniversary of the terrorist and violent attacks on America’s soil. Many talking heads and demagogues have argued Muslims have danced on the streets in celebration. We have the lunar calender to blame, but something tells me the same talking heads will strike again and take advantage of this and show images of happy Muslims on September 11th 2010, the date that will be the Eid, one of two Muslim holidays. While the majority of Muslims will join the rest of the world in commemorating the tragic events of September 11th, they will also be partying it up for the Eid. In other words, they will take the words of former President George Bush to heart and do what he told the American people to do few people after 9/11 “Go and shop”, that’s why the Muslim holiday like everything in this world has been commercialized.

Can you imagine the sight of a number of Muslims who will gather for the Eid prayer on morning of September 11th in many convention centers, parks and mosques around the country? This would be a nightmare for many law enforcement agencies where you will sure to find many Muslims dressed up in their tradition garb to celebrate this Muslim Holiday along with a billion and a half other believers.

A group of young Muslims- including Hijab clad women and bearded Hassans wearing traditional Pakistan dress – trying to board a metro on the morning of September 11th. I have been hearing that the majority of the mosques in North America has already decided to celebrate the Eid on the 10 of September to avoid conflicts. But needless to say few mosques are still holding out.

Officer: Where you think you’re going Hassan?
Hassan: We are going to the mosque, we have a celebration!
Officer: You have a celebration today? On September 11th? Some balls you got.
Hassan: But I do not need balls I am not going to play soccer today.
Officer: So you are now getting cute with me? Alright, show me your ID

So I hope pundits and hate mongers will not insult our intelligence and yours by trying to tell you, “Look, Muslims are dancing on 9/11″, they are just trying to score cheap political points and fill some airtime. You can bet that on September 11th 2010, Muslims will wear new clothes; eat tons of sweets; go to the movies; dance at concerts, and congratulate each others on this holiday. Remember, all these activities can also help stimulate the economy.

September 11th was indeed a tragic event that changed many things in the American lifestyle, but also has deeper changes to the majority of Muslims who share a religion with the violent extremists who sponsored those tragedies. And lets not forget the extremists here who in one state want to burn copies of the Koran on that day; and the others in NY and Tennessee who want to deny people the freedom of religion. So please do not panic on that day if you cannot find a cab as most cab drivers will be celebrating the rich diversity of this land. And Let’s hope drones will not decorate the Muslims skies on that day.

[Tarboush Tip Sana, Abu Zouz]




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