Friday, August 06, 2010

Air Marshall Jack

His name is Gary (if you are reading this, you were not too obvious, I am just very good).....and he likes to read....the moment I spotted him i knew he was the air Marshall.

He had a back pillow, his book was wrapped in a zip lock bag, only carry one....tall, athletic, looked like part of a death emotions whatsoever and he was sitting on an aisle seat.

Something told him he is the air Marshall, a few hours later another young man that has the same physique tabbed him on the shoulder and asked him if he will be getting off the plane...he said yes.

I thought that was his colleague as they had not attempted to exchange any words the entire trip.....I was telling Roa this is the air marshall she did not belive me....

I mean c'mon two Arabs Muslims (two different last names) reserving seats next to each other heading to must have raised some flags somewhere.

Anyhow here is where we know he is the guy keeping America skies safe....Once we get out of the plane in DC, he was there waiting to board the same plane that was headed back to Salt Lake City....where he is based. He might be a drug dealer of course, but I think he is the many keeping us all safe....

I was so bored that I grabbed a napkin and wrote him a light spirited song, I will publish once I find the napkin




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