Monday, August 16, 2010

Stay Moral: IDF soldier posts images of blindfold Palestinians on Facebook


Funny times in Israel, why are these men blindfolded anyway? The things IDF soldiers do to get viral....this is a shame and I love how the Israeli army is critical of this Israeli soldier....who said her pictures with the blindfolded Palestinians are some of her best time in her life.

Few years ago, there was a BYU professor in the political science department who have always argued Israeli military is the most moral army in the world...she really believed it. Clearly she might question that, but I am sure Professor Hudson will dismiss this case as an isolated incident and not question her own assertions.

Yishai Menuchin, the director of the Public Committee Against Torture, an NGO, Yishai Menuchin, condemned the soldiers actions:

"The horrible pictures demonstrate a norm of treating Palestinians like objects instead of human beings – treatment that disregards their feelings as humans and their right to privacy."

He added: "The soldier would go crazy if photographs of her in humiliating circumstances had been posted on the internet without her permission. We call upon IDF commanders to issue orders to prevent this kind of humiliating behavior."




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