Monday, August 09, 2010

TNT (TV) and All The Drama

I always get irritated whenever I hear the commercial for TNT, We know Drama....
I am guessing Americans in search for a laugh, tune in to TBS Station, those who want racy humor switch to Comedy Central and those who seem not to get drama all around them....they tune in to TNT.

In those troubled times, why would you want to look for more drama in your life? Do not you get the news? The oil spill, the economy, the unemployment, the out of control Afghanistan and fiasco in Iraq's election....if that's not enough drama for you really still need TNT? You cannot be that out of touch....or maybe you can, what do I know!

I am no guessing that TNT to Americans is like Gaza many Arabs....we watch it to fee better our our lives. What's the word on Gaza today? five minutes of Gaza news can give you a dose of Drama it takes TNT an hour to replicate....OK TNT has a better ending...not sure Gaza, troubling economy has an ending




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