Friday, August 06, 2010

The Flight From Hell Brought to Me by Delta

It has been more than five years I take a direct domestic flight until seemed simple, direct flight from Sale Lake International Airport to DC National Airport, a total of 3 hours and 32 minutes, non stop flight.

We get to Columbus Ohio and the weather reports start coming from DC telling the pilot to wait it out in the air. He hoovers the plane over Ohio for m,ore than an hour. Every about 15 minutes the pilot makes an announcement telling us things are not looking too good or they are improving. He finally gets instructions to land in Ohio Cincinnati Airport. We are told we are not to leave the plane....then 10 miutes later they tell us we will be allowed to leave for 30 minutes.....

We end up leaving the plane to get some food and freshen up (there is so much junk food one can eat on a vacation)

We board the plane (not all passengers leave, some chose to stay behind on the plane) We wait in the plane for about one more hour....then the pilot tells us he will let us leave again as things in DC do not look good as the tornado is still at full swing. He made things worse by toying with our expectations that we will board soon (he had good intentions of course)

so we deplane again, this time for about 30 minutes I grab a pretzel, from a store called Wetzel Pretzel...the best pretzel money can buy.

About 25 minutes later I hear them asking us to head back to the plane and get ready for the flight....we board and we take off 30 minutes later...

a flight of 4 hours takes us 10 plus hours and Delta does not even have snacks or try to bribe us with anything other than water. Too bad Roa had to see this as we both felt we are back in Rafah waiting to be cleared for travel from the Egyptian side.

Yes, it is not entirely their fault. But I am withing my right to dislike this experience.


Mary on August 6, 2010 at 12:56 PM said...

When the storm started I was thinking about you two and I was hopping that you will be back before the storm started or back after the storm finishes but ..Thanks God you are back and safe, anyway it is an experience and welcome back you two.



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