Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fUnKy ArAb?

Jad Choueiri, the Lebanese singer, dancer and music video director is back! This time he no longer intends to pollute the Arab music scene, this time the assault is global! Jad just released his much anticipated English song and music video in which he has collaborated with a number of American based talents.

I have heard about this song more than a year ago, and how Jad, the man standing behind the lunching of the career of a number of female artists of the like of Maria. Love him or hate him, he is a smart businessman (think Madonna) Jad has also become known for his logos; every artist he collaborates with gets a unique cool logo. His intention behind the song as he states is to make the Arabs cool again! To which I say, the road to hell is also paved with good intentions.
الأغنية بدأ بتوزيعها الموزع طوني بو خليل وساهم في تطويرها الموسيقي اللبناني-الأرمني غي مانوكيان ، الذي سبق وتعامل مع Wyclef Jean ، فساعد جاد شويري بالذهاب الى Platinum Records في نيويورك ، وعرفه على Logic من The Ear Candy Band (الذي قدم من نيويورك الى لبنان للظهور في الكليب) الذي استعمل صوته في مقاطع الأغنية.
The video was released yesterday, and to be honest I watched the music video, and not sure what to think. The song is in English, there is so much going on and plenty of iconography and stereotypical Arab linked images like camel, hookah, belly dancers and more colors than a Cher concert. It's hard to figure out or make out what you are looking at, but judging form the comments on Youtube, things are not looking too good. You decide....




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