Friday, April 24, 2009

A Humble Observation

As a Palestinian who lived in Palestine who visited with Israelis and shared living spaces with them, I have made an observation. I think Israelis are paranoid about many things, many really and some unreal. For example, they fear the Arabs will push them to the see; they fear the West will abandon them and hang them out to dry; they worry that some Jews might give up on them and the idea of the Jewish State. I now truly believe that the fact that Israel exists scares the Israelis. In other word, Israelis fear the existence of their own state. It's not longer an idea, it's a tangible thing that can be be absolute, unlike ideal, they live forever. Only mortal things collapse and die, imagination does not. I feel that Palestinians might have to face the same dilemma, we lived in a Palestine before 1948, but ever since then Palestine lives in us. I wonder what will happen if we have a physical Palestine, will we have those fears? because the Israelis certainly have those insecurities, perhaps this is why I think Israelis go postal when anyone in the world community tries to ignore them. This is why you can never truly lose what you do not have.




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