Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Personal News Roundup

Cannot complain about the weather in DC, at least it is not freezing cold. but still unsure whether to pack my winter clothes and put them away form the summer or not. As you know the take so much space in one's closet and I can use the space for the other clothes to breath. Looking forward to the summer, there is a chance I might be able to visit home this summer, if this happens, I think that would be awesome. My run on Saturday was good, I did the DC tour again and it was nice to see the tourists back in the city. On Constitution Ave there was a nice parade for high school bands I think.

I have been working on one of my lists for KaBOBfest, this one took some time...it stands now at 8 pages. Thanks for the help form friends, it actually now has fewer typos and grammatical mistakes. It's sorta of a sequel for mt previous post 13 Arab Men Not to Date, expect this one is for Arab women not to date (remember dating and marrying are two separate activities.) I had few female and male friends review it, and I must say the reviews were a mixed bag. I made changes and hoping it will be out this week.

Other than that, I just celebrated my big 28 birthday. 27 as a number sucks, but 29 will suck even more. A week ago, my co-workers surprised me with a cake--it was a really surprise and a nice card. Sunday, I had brownies at Kellee's, Megan made a patch for me as well,Cory was present (those are my three honorary sisters) and so my bud Lyndsay, few other acquaintances, but none of my male friends showed up! I am not complaining, just finding the comedy. Off course my mom had to wish me a happy birthday by retelling his epic journey with delivering me as a baby as she remembers 11 AM with an Egyptian nurse in charge--that's where my love for Egypt makes sense. Mom used it this technique like all others to guilt me in appreciating her more.

But there was a surprise, believe it or not from Gaza, a person of interest has bought me a gourmet cake, candles, the number 28, and a sparky and on a web cam there is a cyber b-day party. and did I say a really good song as a treat? I was impressed. But thanks to the Israelis, the b-day party was a lot more fun...they actually cut the power so the candles had more than one use. The person of interest I am speaking of has a laptop so they were able to power it for few hours.


Mary on April 7, 2009 at 8:30 PM said...

I wished you a wounderfull birthday and I am glad you had wounderfull birthday, I was thinking to buy you a birthday cake like we use to do at ADC but I was afraid you will not accept since you don't talk to me any more anyway I am glad you had two cakes, one here in the US and one in Gaza and brownies too, that is realy a very special birthday.

Mary on April 8, 2009 at 12:27 PM said...

You said nobody from your male friends came or wish you on your birthday, let me tell you about men, they never remember birthdays except theirs, specially married men, never remember their wife's birthday or their anniversary even their children birthdays some of them, you are a man, you should know better so don't be offended. TEKBAR WA TENSA, in English, YOU GROW, YOU FORGET. Not like me, I grow but I never forget other people's birthday specially friends that I like.



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