Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Geroge Washington University

I was a guest at a conflict resolution class in George Washington, the class it taught by my good friend Adina. Adina teaches in both George Washington and George Mason University,her focus is on conflict resolution and she has special interest in the Palestine Israel conflict--she is Jewish.

I actually went to both of her classes at George Washington University, one undergraduate and another graduate. There was another guest speaker, an Israeli Fulbright student who studies conflict. I found the students to be genuinely interested in the subject, but I did not sense there is a deep analytical background. I had great questions from the students, and I did my best to answer all the concerns. We spoke about Gaza, the siege on Gaza, the Palestinian infighting, Israel security and their new government. It went well....I feel bad thought because the other speaker was as bright as they come, but he was not as extrovert as I hoped he would be. In other words, I had to communicate with him as I make my points to make sure I am being fair.

They seemed to be interested on my take on President Obama's position on the conflict, I told them that at this point of time, when it comes to the conflict, President Obama cannot afford by to speak from both sides of his mouth. In other words, he would publicly tell the Israelis the things they want to hear, and whisper in the ears of the Palestinians what makes them happy. I do not blame him for now.

But it was good learning experience for me since it helps me refine my thinking and tweak my argument for the case of Palestine.




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