Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poor Taste Politics

Few days ago President of Mexico was visiting the White House where made a comment critical of Arizona's new immigration law. Very few media outlets called President Obama on his lack of adequate response. I do not think President Obama was tough enough when the remarks where made. Jack Cafferty had a good reaction here

This is America, Arizona is part of America, when some foreign dignitary criticizes your country, you do not play politics, and try to brush it off. I think the President should have come to the defense of Arizona...never mind very few people like the law anyways. BUT I think the American President should have been more forceful in his response to the foreign leader. You cannot be diplomatic with someone who is breaking the cordial rule or not interfering in domestic policies.

I have nothing agasint the president of Mexico, I think he is a great leader...but he should not be too blunt about his reaction to an American law designed to keep American cities.

One day I'd like to visit Mexico and hope that do not ask me to come in from the front door, I also hope to travel there without the necessary "documents"




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