Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Weather and Great Music Go Hand in Hand

Here is a random thought about music....

I think it would be really really hard to write an angry song if you like in a place that enjoys a nice weather. I am thinking the reason London, Seattle and New York have better rock music scene is among other thing is the brutal weather where the sun is not always there. Imagine that if you live in a rainbow blessed city say California, you are not going to right an angry that a depressed soul can only produce.

It makes sense now to see pop songs come from areas with happy climate....clearly Country music comes from places with lots of open spaces....the South, and South West are blessed with those open spaces and folksy lifestyle. It takes a freezing weather to make music hot.

clearly, there are exceptions to every rule. But I wonder with would the beach boys sing about if they existed say in Wisconsin?




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