Friday, May 07, 2010

Not Your Average Pizza

Try this,

Roa likes baking and I do top, we often find ourselves in a grocery store and the one thing we always buy is dough. You know the kind they sell in tubes or sometimes in plastic bags. We like to top them with different things....cheese, tomato, Zaatar, eggs, and now we do spinach too. It's a great idea to have something great to eat or munch on in 20 minutes. Yesterday Roa chopped up some spinich, saute it in olive oil, add chili pepper, lemon juice, sprinkle salt add minced onions (we prefer the frozen ones). then take that top it on your dough and bake it away.

Here is one thing we like to do and I also found somone who enjoys baking them in a similar fashion.

Olive oil, zaatar and minced garlic pizza sauce

I’ve been dying to try a Middle East themed pizza. My idea? Mixing dried zaatar (a regional spice spelled numerous ways in translation) with olive oil and minced garlic to brush on the fresh crust. I used to buy hot flatbreads in Kuwait all the time with a similar concoction brushed on. So I’m confident it would work well on pizza. If you feel like going fresh with it however, I found this recipe for zaatar pesto from GreenProphet.Com sounds amazing. It’s made with fresh versions of all the herbs found in traditional zaatar powder.




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