Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss Michigan, Arab American Rima Fakih

Current Miss Michigan Rima Fakih is a non-traditional titleholder. She’s an Arab American, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. She’s maintained three jobs over the course of the last year on top of performing Miss Michigan duties, and she’s the farthest thing from a girly-girl.

Despite her unconventional background, this Sunday, Dearborn native Rima Fakih will have the chance to be the next face of Miss USA—possibly breaking the 17 year dry spell of Miss Michigan ascending to the highly coveted Miss USA spot. Arab Detroit caught up with the beauty queen just before she left for the preliminary competition in Las Vegas.


Michigan finally got her first Arab American pretty person....I have always thought they would have chosen one a long time ago, but I guess that's why Rima is special now. Looking forward to see if she makes it to Miss. USA....Best Wishes




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