Monday, May 10, 2010

Movies This Weekend

Iron Man was not that good of a movie, it's still entertaining, but I was disappointed as the first one was a great movie all around, this time around the follow up was sub-par. It took too long to get to the movie storyline and I was like, "this is not what I thought it would be." I was glad to have some popcorn with me to enjoy my time. The probelm of this movie was to want to make it into more than one movie story, too many characters that does not get an air time. Too many back stories that do not necessarily enrich the movie. You can wait for the DVD, if you must see it. C+

Kick Ass is a movie I liked and have enjoyed watching. It was witty, action packed, fast, comical and has heart. At times, it was a bit violent, crude, but it all made the movie a better experience. I am sure there will be follow ups to this fun movie, I will by watching them as well. It was a well-made film with great cast and awesome cinematography even a non comic book fan like me can enjoy. A-




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