Thursday, May 20, 2010

Soccer in Virginia

In Pentagon City of Arlington Virginia, there is a large number of green fields that people can be found playing soccer on. There are tennis courts and Basketball court. I was there yesterday and took part of a soccer game where under-appreciated Americas, Brazilians, Latinos, Arabs, Africans and Europeans all played on one field.

I have not played soccer in some time now, but it was good to be on the green field playing goalie, my favorite position. Most people hate it, but I found myself to be drawn to it and eventually I got good at it.

I found myself taking part of a number of college inter-murals where I played mostly goalie. I wants to give a shout out to American girls playing soccer, they are really good, a lot more skilled than average Americans guys--although in defense American guys do well.

I think this summer a lot of people are excited for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, driving many to engage in this truly global game. I am looking forward for a great soccer season and my eyes will be on Brazil, Argentina and the USA. By default I root for Algeria, but I am realistic about their chances.

If we must know, we ended up winning the game because we had a really good defense and great midfield. The other team had good forward, but they could not get a chance as our midfielders were always there to block them.

The trick for being a goalie is to always follow the ball, not the player. A good defense helps, but the goalie must not hide behind them. I found it helpful to me if I move away from the goal as the opposite team attacks. I have to reason with myself not to fear the player with a ball because, he have to go through me to get his goal...he can keep going , but I must stop the ball.

come play soccer every Wednesday 5:30 PM in the field next to the basketball court.




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