Monday, May 17, 2010

I don't Like This Either

Some Muslim group in New York is trying to build a mosque near the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City. Most people are either overjoyed or angry at this development. While I like mosques and places of worship, I do not see this as a good idea in particular. I know that Islam did not attack America on 9/11 terrorism did...still not too many people see that yet.

While I respect the people behind the initiative, I am sure they are all admirable people who want to work together with all people of New York.

  1. My fears are such, this mosque will be largely funded by Saudi Arabia, a country with a lot of unique complexities in terms of faith and nationality. If the American Muslims wanted to build such a center they should raise money and do it from the community and only from the community. We cannot afford to play politics with the religion of 1.5 billions.
  2. What's the point? We Muslims can pray anywhere clean, and where water is available. I am afraid that some segments of Muslims might see this as making a statement to support their radical agenda. "If it wasn't for 9/11, this mosque will never have happened" Those are a minority and they often do not speak for anybody but themselves. They are a real segment that will want to make a statement about Islam. Making a statement is not wrong, most religions do it, I just do not want radicals to be making statement on behalf of my religion.
  3. Building this huge complex is asking for trouble, if they wanted to build a mosque, that's might be just fine, but this will be a cultural center with theater, sport facilities...etc. I do not want people to hate Muslims but have to live with them because of some enforced political correctness. The first question that will come to those people's mind, "Saudi Arabia does not allow Churches in there, why should we allow mosques?" While the first half of the sentence is wrong and rest of the argument is flawed as Saudi Arabia is not a democracy and American is one. I do not want Muslims to defend Muslims regimes....
  4. New York and other progressive urban spots do not like religious institutions presences in their cities on prime real estate locations where those places do not have to pay taxes as regular business would. In other words, have a gigantic presence there gives the Liberals more reasons to preach the dangers of organized religion.
  5. I can see how some Americans see this as "in your face", while many Americans remain ignorant about Islam, the site of a huge Muslim complex will make some uncomfortable. I would rather live in a world where Islamophopes are able to express their views than have those opinions repressed. At least they are easier to spot that way. Here are some quotes:

    "This is the wrong neighborhood to put the mosque in," Scott Rachelson, 59, said as he went to his office. Rachelson, who works with people seeking compensation over 9/11 related damages, said his life changed forever the day that two hijacked airliners smashed into Manhattan.

    "I was here. For me, and everyone else who was here, we have post-traumatic stress disorder," he said. "It feels like yesterday."

    A woman living in the apartment building next to the proposed mosque said she couldn't accept the project.

    "I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a little nervous," said Jennifer Wood, 36, as she took her young son for a walk. "It seems a little in the face, a little too much too soon. I don't know why it has to be here -- this is a big city."

From Raw Story

It's one thing if Americans wanted to celebrate their constitution and launch such a project to show the diversity and the multicultural's quite another to let few religious hippie to prescribe a medicine that generates its own disease.




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