Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Radical Muslim Group Brought to You by an Israeli

There is a radical Muslim group that frequnetly has access to the best and biggest US media outlets, they are often invited to speak unlike the other groups, no one arrests these guys who threatend to kill the South Park creators, while most of the Muslim works was unaware and perhaps indifferent about the whole South Park thing.

There are plenty of bad Muslims and violent ones who are hell bent on bring more violence to terrorist civilians, I hope they all go to hell. The group I am talking about here is insane....

This group claims to be representing Muslims and as an email I received from a blogger I know, here is what he has to say about them

This has seriously bothered me for a while, ever since CNN did a special on them back in the fall, and made absolutely no mention that these radical Muslims calling for Jihad and "terrorizing" the west are recent Jewish converts to Islam.

Now they are the ones threatening South Park... and being blamed for the inspiration for the failed bomb in time square, by CNN no less, and because it's close to comedy central.

I'm not being anti-semits, but : They have free access to US media in no way other radical Muslim groups have, they are media savvy and mastered the rhetoric that makes you hate Muslims, and they are legally savvy, all their calls for violence and attacks, including the South Park threat, on their blog are written in a way that does not make them legally accountable. We really should launch into them, call for Jihad against them? this when the term "hijacking my religion" takes on a whole new meaning..

want to learn more about what makes this group bizarre read this or this




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