Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hate Vs. Reason

How do you expect me to love anybody when all you want me to do is hate myself. Most Anti-Muslims talking heads want the Muslims to hate themselves, but once the Muslims hate themselves, do you think they will be able to love anybody else?

Some people are helpless case and it does not matter whether you reason with them or not, they still want to do others harm. But some media outlets have being pushing Muslims into a corner by painting them as terrorist, God knows there are plenty o those among us. But do not get me wrong, the guys like the Time Square Bomber is also our enemy. Civilians are where the line is drawn between cold blooded murderers and everybody else. This guy like many of his peers do not care whom their bombs kill. Also many of NY street vendors are Muslim Egyptians, many street hat vendors are from Senegal, a Muslim country, Yemenis run many great restaurants in Time Square, dozens of Muslims tourists also visit Time you think this guy cares?

Even Roa, fresh out of Gaza is already calling this guy names, we really do not have to know what went through his head, but I think there are plenty the authorities can learn from him and how he has been privileged to live in this country to have him turn around and try to stab it in the back like that.

Many Pakistanis are now saying they are Indian to get out of discrimination, you know the past they would never, never say they are Indians. It only takes one person like this bastard to make life more difficult for many other Muslims who want nothing more than a chance to be alive.

Here is another thing that makes me feel good...a Muslim from Senegal was the person who called in when he saw the suspicious, you won't find that in many mainstream media outlets




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