Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mosque I Am Not Too Keen On Gets Approved

29 council members said YES, 1 said NO 10 abstained, they really want to give extremists the finger and welcome the moderates. Well, I am always for a mosque if you want to pray in it...not just to make a statement by it. That's not why mosques were built. I can see some people might be offended by the location, some might even be confused...but I am still not embracing the idea, look at the mosque here in Washington DC, every Friday they have 2 separate prayers. One anti-Saudi politically active imam leads the prayer outside in protest. And the Pro establishment imam gets the cozy mosque inside and delivers less than fiery sermons.

I am worried that the radical elements will try to overtake the mosque...this happened in Gaza in Post Hamas takeover. I do not think this will happen, but it is a possibility where zealots mosque goers who frequent the mosque try to claim it as they are the ones who attend to it. But I do not know much about the proposed NYC mosque and the people behind it to make a conclusion.

Ground Zero Mosque Overwhelmingly Approved By NYC Community Board: 'It's A Seed Of Peace'

P.S. The picture is for the imam in charge of the mosque initiative.




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