Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Urban Doctors Vs. Suburban Ones

Who has the better technology?

Here is something I notice quite a lot, try to keep this in mind as you as you visit your doctor next time. Physicans whose clinics are located in the suburbs tend to have the top notch technologies available at their disposal. Doctors with urban offices and clinics tend to wait on the technology. In fact many physicians working in the city do not rush to upgrade their equipments and devices as suburban doctors do. Here is what I am thinking, the doctor in the city has a lot of patients, perhaps too many. In other word he/she does not need to appeal to them by bringing in the latest technology when Suburban doctors feel they need to lure new patients with their sophisticated devices. The city doctors also has to worry about high rent for is clinic whereas the suburban doctor pays less rent. It could be that patients who have a city based doctor do not really have much time to try out new technologies--those patients are usually on a short break from their city based work, that's why their city doctor is a convenience thing.

I might not be totally right, but I feel this is consistent observation.




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