Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss USA Second Thoughts

My knee jerk first reaction and thought on the win of Arab American as Miss America was joy and excitement. Now, it became known that Miss America show rating has been in decline, very few people watched it and it was considered as a lost cause even by its owner Donal Trump. I think an Arab American winning it, is great and I am sure Rima deserves it on her own merits. But this helps the Miss America organization in so many levels:
  1. More news outlet will report on it, this is sensational news when an Arab person wins a beauty pageant. Those news will help the rating of the show and spark discussion about it. Not many care if another average American girl won, I mean it would be good...but it's not going to make news on a global scale.
  2. The state of Michigan is in trouble financially and could use some good news, of course when Rima the native of Michigan won it, that might bring Michigan in the happy news segment.
  3. Liberals found themselves often critical of this show as some see is objectifying women and doing little to make their lives better. Now the organizers can say, we empower women, what better women to empower than the Muslim ones...this is popular with both the right and left.
  4. Most Arabic news outlets have been reporting on this and celebrating her win. Arabs do many things wrong, but when it comes to news, we really do it right.
  5. This will be like giving extremists groups the finger, when the see an Arab Muslim won Miss USA, they will be confused whether to resent that dazzling beauty or see America in different light.

On a final note, the fact that an Arab American won might have some people boycott the show




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