Friday, May 28, 2010

When in Rome....

It was that time of the month that I had to watch a silly movie, the movie that will inspire me...not, the movie that will make me think...not.

At first, I thought this would be just another chick flick rom-com type of movie, but then it was just that...expect there was a good number of my favorite comedians/actors who play supporting roles. I mention Dax Shepard, and Jon Heder...yep, that's the guy from the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

The plot is pretty straightforward, buy professional hard working pleasant white girl...too busy to find love....goes to Italy for little sister's wedding. Meets a guy and then they laugh together, twist...and the rest is history.

Roa and I enjoyed the movie and I think it was really nice to see a movie that does not talk about least does not show us people sleeping around like most romantic comedies do.

If you like fairytale, or the cast of the movie you should give it a shot, otherwise, you do not have to worry about missing this one...




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