Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The IDF Video of the Sea Assault and Other Disasters

Gearing up for a battle, the IDF releases a video taken by their friendly naval ship and their peace loving do no wrong Israeli soldiers. World, Israel has a message for you, when an Israeli soldiers lands on your ship, greet them with flowers and candy do not try to send them off…..they lose their cool pretty quick.

First for weeks now, Israel has been promising to meet the activists with might and fire. I think it’s fair to expect the worst and try to protect yourself from Israel and its juvenile military leaders. In fact, if Israel wanted a peaceful resolution they should have just blocked the ships not land on them, arrest the activists and seize their ships.

A dozen of people are dead because of Israel gangster justice and all the IDF has to show is a video of people with sticks trying to protect themselves.Why does it Israel and it’s army enjoy it when they beat a defenseless group? They are “proud” of their assault in international water on a dozen of unarmed activists. They called the killing of 1500 civilians in Gaza last year a “victory”. Why doesn’t Israel pick on someone their own size?

The morale in the Israeli army is low. That’s why the Israeli military generals felt obligated to issue a statement calling their soldiers “brave.” Brave? The fact they assaulted unarmed activists makes them many things brave is not one of them. From Canada, Netanyahu also gave military ‘full backing’ over the raid only to signal that Israel does not care about existing international laws or friendly ties with nations the activists come from. Seeking validation from others is an Israeli custom. Just like your little trouble making alcoholic (not recovering) roommate that has to be loved. I really don’t know what the Israeli army was thinking to pull such a stunt; the outcome of which is a classic lose-lose situation. I think and I hope more European nations issue warrants to arrest Israel’s gangsters in chief.

With this latest incident, I am now beginning to think that if the Israeli voters went to any bar and at random picked few bar regulars then asked them to form an Israeli government, the Israeli voters then might have a better government than the one in charge of Israel right now. In the meantime my prayers goes to the families of the victims of the latest round Israelis gangster justice.

The video wanted to tell the world that when Israel attacks you, smile and do not resist….submit and bend over!

The video that you won’t see on an Israel TV

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texas ray on June 1, 2010 at 7:37 PM said...

I agree with what you say, but additionally the IDF video is a fake.

It was clearly filmed in daylignt, not at night.

They have photoshopped it to add contrast and brightness, trying to fake an infrared night video.

But for anyone who knows what true infrared night video looks like the fake is immediately evident.

True infrared night video has nearly zero halftones, everythng is either white or black.

The video being publicized by the IDF is a total fake.

Also notice that the metal framework for the shade canopy is missing from the ship. So it's not even the right ship.

Also, although they took the effort to roll the camera from side to side to pretend wave motion, the relative vertical position between the ship being filmed and the supposed ship from which the video was taken never changes. This is absolutely impossible at sea.

It's all just another case of Israel's stated policy of making war through deception.



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