Friday, April 09, 2010

USAID Serves illy Coffee

Just got back from an event at the USAID Agency in their offices in the Regan Building near the Federal Triangle metro stop. I was asked to attend the event and it seemed like a great idea as I have been meaning to get into the development club in particular the groups that has offices in Gaza. I go there and guess what coffee they serve? illy which is perhaps one of the more gourmet coffee, they also had gourmet muffins and for participants who should be working helping the poor. Maybe I am not sued to being treated nicely or pampered, but one those are tax money at work, two this is a development agency, not a Starbucks.

I know my friend Mega might get upset with me as she used to work for this agency, ok, I enjoyed the muffins, but I was not sure if all that was necessary. I know illy says they have been perfecting Italian Espersso since 1933, isn't time development agencies do that same with their work?




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