Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Saw a DC Celeberity

Here is a quick word, last week I was in the Harris Teeter Store on 16th St. around 9 PM. We do not go to that store much, it is sort of pricey and for no great reason. It''s never too busy however, so that helps. Roa and I were standing in the Cake section mulling over which chocolate one to purchase, when a short lady asks us, are you guys from Turkey? I looked at her and then she added, I think I heard you guys speak Turkish....I said, no, we speak Arabic, we are Palestinians. She said OK and she walked away fast. As I was talking to this lady, I was thinking to myself, Gosh I know this lady....

When we went home I saw the picture to Roa and she confirmed that this is the lady we saw at the grocery store. Here is the lady we saw

Let's just say, I felt a lot safer when I saw her there.




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