Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Resume Guru!

Does your Resume need a makeover?

I am sure you are aware that the economy flat out sucks right now....I always like to have a current resume ready to go. You never know what can happen. I came across this seller on Fiver.com when it comes to resumes Jon knows what he is talking about, take this advice from someone who studies HR, you need the service of people like Jon who can help bring your resume up to speed and makes sure it stands out among the stacks of resumes a company gets. While Jon woun;t not get you a job (hey even President Obama cannot do that!) he will tell you how your resume stinks and then tells you how to fix it...for only five bucks. I can say it is the best five bucks I spent in a long time. Yes, I still love my current job, but you really should not have an outdated resume in all events. I am just passing the word.




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