Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elie Wiesel is a Dirt Bag

I never got the hype about this guy, he cares for everybody in the world and wants to make life better, when it comes to Palestinians however he is indifferent. You really cannot cherry pick human rights, you are for all of it, and not just a part you like.

MJ Rosenberg, one of my favorite Jewish commentators who says its as it is rips Elie a new one

For instance, in 1982, while hundreds of thousands of Israelis were in the streets demonstrating against the government's horrific conduct of the Lebanon war, Wiesel said: "I support Israel -- period. I identify with Israel -- period. I never attack, never criticize Israel when I am not in Israel."

Here again
A German who is outraged by US racism but unaffected by the Holocaust is an obvious hypocrite. And so is a Jew who is moved by the plight of Tibetans, Darfurians, native Brazilians but goes along with the occupation. And so are Palestinians who are moved by their own suffering but indifferent to Jewish victims of Palestinian terror.

Americans are too often like Wiesel. We built a Holocaust museum in Washington to point out what the Germans did in Europe but not a museum about slavery. Maybe that one will be built in Berlin, along side a museum about the slaughter of the American Indian.

Also by doing this I think Mr. Wiesel gives an excuse for many Muslims or Arabs who only care for Palestine and do not think much of Darfur and the ongoing conflict.

A guilty confession, I was sort of indifferent when I learned that Bernie Madoff scammed him.

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