Thursday, April 08, 2010

Carpal Tunnel and I

Here is a good article about Carpal Tunnel. I hope I do not have to see a doctor for it ever. Few weeks ago a member of our board was in town for a meeting and he spotted my glove, he asked me "What happened to your hand?", "Carpal Tunnel" I said. He held my hand, checked the nerve area and asked me few questions about my fingers and the area of the pain. He cheered up and told me "This is my specialty" He told me I should worry about it if it keeps me up at night and if I have pain in my pinkie finger. I was glad to hear that. Kellee, my friend told me that playing ping pong helps people recover as they utilize other nerves in the hand. While I do not have a ping pong table, I have started toying around with a stress ball (State Farm Insurance was giving those out) I think it helps give me hand an exercise.

Here is an interesting line from the study:

However, you may be at a higher risk for carpal tunnel if your work or hobbies involve a combination of awkward, repetitive wrist or finger motions, forceful pinching or gripping and working with vibrating tools.




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