Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Go To Auditor

Here is a thought,

It's April 15th and everyone is scrambling to get their taxes done...I am not one of them, but while we are on the subject. If you are an organization and know that books are not all good--your records are not up to date, some shady activities...etc. If you are shopping for an auditor. You might want to look for the one with a lot of health problems, like the one his doctor told him/her they won't live for long. This auditors does not care much, she/he knows he is kicking the bucket soon. In other words he has nothing to fear and they IRS got nothing on them.

I on the other hand hire an ex Israeli solider to do my taxes, he just does not care and basically can get away with any thing. If the IRS wants to investigate him he will just call them Anti-Smites and get away with it.




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