Thursday, April 22, 2010

Winter Soap Opera Dream?

Here is the thing, I try to watch at least 10 minutes of Spanish TV, I usually do that on my lunch break where I eat near our nice LCD TV. Often there is some Spanish language soap opera playing at my lunch time. I have one observation on this,

Why these soap operas never show Winter or cold? The actors and actresses are always dressed for a hot summer season which makes me think, do not they ever film in the winter? or does the Latin world does not are for winter?

I mean I know the more cleavage they show the higher their rating and who else wants to see people in heavy winter gear, I imagine it would be tough to act under such heavy gear!

I want to see a Spanish speaking Soap opera filmed in Alaska as much as I want to see an Egyptian soap opera tackle a subject other than drug abuse and polygamy.




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