Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Weird Exchange With a Cartoonist

Here is a very strange exchange between me and comics artist who also does animation, I have sent him ideas for a short animated video.....here is what he wrote:

"I was thinking, I dont think I can animate anything like this for you, but I do hope you can find someone.

The reason being of the uh… obvious dangers (though ridiculous) of doing the animation.. You know.. the whole… Muslim… thing..

Thanks though and good luck,

Here is what I wrote him back,


can you please add my website on the comic somewhere so it can be seen?



P.S. are you serious about your fear of animation? I am a practicing Muslim from Gaza as mainstream as they get. I respect your wishes of course.


Here is what he wrote back


Yeah I can do that for you, sure.

Yeah, I’m serious. Didn’t I just hear in the news, maybe less than a month ago, about a political cartoonist being murdered for slandering Allah? I might be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure I’m not?

I’m not saying all Muslins are like this, of course, I’m not a caveman. But at the same time, it definitely seems like something kind of sketchy if this is true about the political cartoonist.


Any takes on this?




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