Friday, April 09, 2010

Not For Profit: You were Frugal With Your Money, So We don't Have to Be!

I was reading a news reports about ministries and churches that own and operate their own private jets which the leaders or the elders use in their travel. the article goes to explain how those who operate private jets seek to keep them on the downlow as they do not want bad PR.

In 2007, Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the finance committee, opened an inquiry into several tax-exempt ministries [9], questioning whether charitable donations had paid for mansions, Rolls Royces and private jets.

Televangelist Copeland [10] and his Eagle Mountain International Church [11] in Newark, Texas, were questioned about layovers of church aircraft in Maui, Fiji and Honolulu. The church told Grassley the Fiji trip was for preaching and the others so the pilots could rest. The ministry’s Web site says the planes are used for humanitarian missions and to spread the word of God around the world.

The church has five planes on the blocked list, including a $17 million Cessna Citation X. Also blocked is a 1953 North American T-28B Trojan, a vintage warplane registered to Copeland.

Here is the entire article

I mean God is everywhere, it takes a private Jet to catch up to him




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