Friday, April 23, 2010

Stephanie Cutter Picked To Run White House Health Care Messaging

White House names yet another new skinny person to take charge of the administration health care messaging, honestly, I think they need to think of a better messenger, I am sure Stephanie Cutter is a nice lady and well qualified for the job. but if you are trying to get your message out to people who are living unhealthy life styles, the last thing you need is to have healthy and skinny person deliver the health messages, your target audience won't connect. Do not they already do this when they hire an Arab to talk to Arabs, a Jewish person to talk to the Jewish people, a gay person to talk to the gays. It's sort of common sense to have someone that people can relate to.

Another thing with Stephanie Cutter is the fact that she comes form Massachusetts, perhaps the healthiest state in the nation where an active lifestyle is almost enjoyed by everybody. I would like to see someone from the Bible Belt, or at least West Virginia where it has gotten a bad reputation for being the top unhealthy spot in America. Bring back the southern charm please.

Here is what I think a good place to look for a candidate for this position is the biggest loser past participants whom people already know and can say, "This person did it, so can I"




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