Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mergers and Acquisitions in Not-For-Profit

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a popular practice in the business world, where usually larger company buys a smaller one to get access to its clients/customers of competing technology. it's a way for companies to grow and expand, however I do not see it happening much in the Not-for-profit section, I have never heard of a group in the charity world reaches out to another where they completely merge as one body. Not sure why that is. Look there are many fine charities and there are a lot of charities that duplicate the works of others, sometimes they even undermine each other which beats the purpose.

I like to see more (M&A) in a sector that I have worked in for few years now. I do not want to name names, but those mega groups need to get their act together. Clearly the leadership does not want to lose control, perks,advantages...etc. There is not buyout and there is definitely no stock options to make an (M&A) look appealing. But for the good of those received help from those mega groups, groups need to consider this option.

When there is no profit in a not for profit M&A is does not seem like a good idea. When you introduce profit (incentives), more groups might consider it.




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