Thursday, April 29, 2010

When Lawyers Sing "Fu*"K The Police

I was last night at a DAM concert, where the popular Palestinian Hip Hop band performed at Busboy and Poet restaurant on 14th St.

The concert was a hit and I was helping at the door. The band performed many of their popular hits and the crowd went CRAZY! I am not a big fan of Hip Hop, but it something that allows some to vent their frustration. Anyhow the event was sold out and many weren't able to get in. This band is extremely popular with young Arab, rappers, aspiring rappers and journalists with interest in the Middle East.

The audience had many lawyers attending the event, law seems to be a popular profession among Arabs who such at math and science. The band performed a number of songs in English, one of which received a warm reception "Fu*k The Police" to which the artists asked the attendance to sing along and utter the words "Fu*K The Police" I was kinda of surprised when I saw a number of attorneys in the crowd join the chant. I was not sure what to make of it....I mean I refuse to subscribe to that chant, but again I never had a car so I might have no interactions with law enforcement.

But a Lawyer insulting the law enforcement might not be a good way to keep your bar active.




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