Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Three of The World Stage

The African Nation Ghana wins a game against Serbia, by a free Ghana is the first African nation to win a game...they put a good show.... (1:0)

Germany is playing Australia now and so far the Germans have the upper hand they scored 1 and it is only minute 20 into the first half.

Australia is pressuring the Germans and keeping their goalie busy....It will be an upset if Australia wins as Germany has been consistent in being good.

Still being myself over the silly Algerian loss to Slovenia...

Back to the game, almost a goal on minute 22 for the Germans, barely missed it....

23 the Germans try again and it looked like a a sure thing.

Fun fact, both of Australia and German had their passports forged by the Israeli Mossad during the Dubai assassination.

I see this game ending at a total of three goals....not sure who will score them, but the energy is high and the Australians are making a run for it.

26:00 German just scored an AMAZING goal.

Germany will win this game...hand down....they are bringing back all their artillery and their skills, they have been quietly gearing up for this tournament for a long time.

Minute 72, and the Germans are already up by this is getting good....I do not envy whoever has to face Germany next....they just do not joke a round. Hard to win when you are playing with only 10 the Australian lost a player at minute 56....

I know my friend Kellee was complaining about how the most handsome German player won't be playing...that might be true, but as it seems the best players are playing for Germany today.

German wins.....4 nothing....proofing that Germany is a place where soccer stars are naturalized...I have much respect for the Australian soccer team as they never gave up even in the last second.




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