Friday, June 11, 2010

Number 3 Guy is Dead

The US just got the number 3 guy in Afghanistan...but this is not the first number 3 guy they got...every time someone takes over this position they get has been rumored that there are 17 in line to get the number 3 position. Whoever takes number three might ask for a hefty salary.

I am sure some guy somewhere is hoping to climb the corporate latter,

and they say there is no mobility....I wonder if number 2 and number 1 guys are feeling safe

Here is what these guys in line should a life insurance for the guy ahead of you, and hope he bites the built....You make a proift for you and for his oyu know it is a matter of time that your relatives will bve cashing in....but they might not sell them the insurance as they might have insider trading information.

I would not worry about the benefits for that position....I am sure number 15 guy is excited for to take on the number 3 post




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