Sunday, June 20, 2010

Italy Gets The Blues in South Africa

New Zealand scores at minutes 6 Italy's team is just like its traffic.

It's too early but, I like how New Zealand is starting the game....I really want Italy to lose....

This is shaping up to be such a great game....Italy is working hard to equalize this game as soon as they can.

Minute 17, there has already been a yellow card and I see some roughness among the players, the Italian have already missed two great balls.

Minute 24, the Kiwis know how to keep their goal protected and Italian free, I wonder how long that will last, I think Italy will have scored before the end of the first half.

As I said minute 26 and the Italians had the best shot so far, the goal post stopped it and the Kiwi goalie just wanted to watch....

Penalty kick for Italy.....and now it's a tie!

Minute 83 What a great game so far, the Kiwi goalkeeper is the the man of the game....he did a great job keeping his post clear....

New Zealand is pressuring Italy now, the Italians might be up to something, I can see them score, they have to score, if they do not win this game....they are not that special....Argentina seems to be the only team in the World Cup that has been consistently great.

Stoppage time and the Italians are trying to score, not giving up and trying to give their fans something to cheer....the Kiwi fans seem to be celebrating the tie and their countrymen performance

That's it, Italy might not even qualify to the next round...hats off to the Kiwis, they came from no where and held the Italians at bay.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain are not in the best shape....Europe needs to find its seems like a South America Cup, but it's too soon to celebrate...




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