Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Greek Salad is BACK!

Greece, the country where modern Western history starts made history of its own today at the world Cup, where they for the first time scored in a world was a good day for them because not only did they score they scored twice...and the beat Nigeria's best goalkeeper, the one everyone has been racing about.

I think the second goal was GREAT (at minute 71) and sneaky at the time time...the goalkeeper to blame for that one as it seems he had the ball in his hand, but his grip was not tight...

Nigeria's sole goal (at minute 17) was one of the best goals a striker can dream for...a tricky ball that seems to go one way and end up going another, the Greek goalie is helpless against it...

It was a game to remember not only in Greece, the county riddles with grim financial news, this world cup win makes it look like they have a big chance to qualify for the round 16...

Nigeria got too cocky I think when they only lost to Argentina by one goal..the goalie even was bragging about how he stopped Messi from rocking his net (which he did) the Nigerien goalkeeper will shorty be back to Israel where he plays in a club in Tel Aviv.




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